Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chapter Ten of The Ethnographic Interview (Spradley, 1979)

When asking structural questions, they should be adapted to each individual informants, and employ the following principles:
1. Concurrent Principle: ask structural questions concurrently with descriptive questions with alternation.
2. Explanation Principle: asking question in the most extended version.
3. Repetition Principle: 'Can you think of any other "..."?'
4. Context Principle: summarizing and confirming what we have known and want to ask - as part of the question.
5. Cultural Framework Principle: always start with lighter questions about the informant's personal life first.

Kinds of structural questions (p.126-131):
1. Verification questions
a. Domain Verification questions: "Are there different kinds of ...(cover term).. ?"
b. Included Term Verification questions: "Is ..(cover term).. is a kind of ..(domain).. ?"
c. Semantic Relationship Verification questions: "Would (person A) say ..(cover term).. is a kind of ..(domain).. ?"
d. Native-Language Verification questions
2. Cover Term questions
3. Included Term questions
4. Substitution Frame questions
5. Card Sorting Structural questions


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